Our Vision

To be in the forefront of creative and technological genius by continuously evolving, improving and adding value to the offerings. To change the world creatively and make it a more fun place to be at.

Our Mission

To achieve greater client satisfaction through commitment and quality. To develop and deliver quality offerings that add value to the users.

Quality Process

At Bhasinsoft, our quality orientation is integrated in each activity of the organization, whether it is animation, code development, system testing or recruitment. We are committed to provide you a high quality solution within the stipulated time frame. We guarantee the quality of every aspect of our product and services. For product quality, our testing team gets involved from the design stage and develops a detailed system test plan. All the defects are tracked through iterations and regression testing is carried out to deliver a product with minimum defects. The documentation standard and change management is followed religiously throughout the development cycle.

Fun Commitment

We have a strong allergy to seriousness. While we are committed to our deliverable and ensure total client satisfaction, an important aspect of our ideology is to have fun while doing it and to create a fun environment that lets people come together and engage in a stress-free environment.

If you want to be a part of us, a thumb rule to go by is: crazy is good!